How Can I Create a Career that will Make a Difference?

By , January 10, 2013 1:00 am

Having the desire to make a difference in this world is perhaps one of the noblest motivations one can have. However, it can often be difficult to pursue a meaningful career that also provides a livable wage. Learning how to cultivate a career that will be rewarding, both financially and personally. You can begin cultivating a career that will help you earn a decent wage that will truly help others by pursuing the right degrees. You must begin by thoroughly defining what making a difference truly means, and then pursuing the right course of action to forge this fruitful career.

What Does it Making a Difference Mean to Me?

Making a difference will mean something different to every individual. For some, it may mean helping to end poverty. For others, it may mean helping the sick. Take some time to truly consider what making a difference will mean for you. The goal here is to discover what type of career will be the most rewarding to you, and then be able to forge a career that will help provide you with a livable wage. Ask yourself the below questions:

  • What causes or social issues do I find myself most passionate about?

  • What set of skills am I more inclined to carry out effectively?

  • Do I prefer to work directly with people, or in a peripheral role?

There is no rush to find these answers immediately. They will help you decide if you will be better suited for social work, health care or a variety of non-profit organization roles. You may discover that an online degree in social work will provide you with the exact career that you’re looking for.

Which Degrees Will Help Me Create this Career?

After you have reached answers to the above questions, you will be well suited to begin considering the degrees that are necessary to craft your meaningful career. Your answers will clearly indicate which field will help you make a difference and utilize your skillset. Consider the employment requirements in the industry in which you would like to work.

If you find yourself passionate about helping the sick, you have great personal skills and would like to work directly with patients, pursuing a health care career may be perfect for you. Alternatively, if you would rather help with those living in poverty, you may be more suited for social work. Fortunately, you can pursue your social work masters degree online if you are currently too busy with your current studies or employment.

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